1. Voluntary Permission: I willingly permit my ward to attend the activity for the enhancement of his/her knowledge, efficiency and over all personality.

2.Adherence to the Precautions/ Violation of the Rules: I fully understand and accept that while every precaution and care will be taken by the organizer, he/she will take part entirely at his/her own risk and I agree that I will not nor will any person through me or on my behalf make any claim against the organizer(s), or any member of the staff or the school or any other person in charge of the programme in the event of any accident or other occurrences happening during or as a result of the activity or any travel connected therein and through which he/she may suffer injury, loss or damage.

3. Self Indemnification: I further agree to indemnify the organizer(s), all members of staff, the school or any other person in charge of the tour against any claim arising from any such accident or other occurrences irrespective of by whom any such claim may be made.

4. Medical Consent: I authorize the organizer(s), or members of staff of the school as the cause may be to act in loco parentis and hereby empower him or them to authorize any essential medical treatment, which for any reason may become necessary during the activity (in case of any emergency).



Summer Camp 2K17

Group A(8-14 Year) Details


Sport (Chose any one)


Cultural (Chose any one)


Skill Development
Robotics 5 Days
Art & Craft 2 Days
Personalty Development
(10 different aspects)
5 Days

Participant can chose any one from B & C in select swimming 

Group B (4-7 Years)


Daily Activities
Reading & Writing Skill
Art & Craft

Free 3 Days Mother's Workshop

(Accompanying with students)

Day 1 Cookery Classes (5 Cuisine) 2nd May
Day 2 Grooming Makeup & Hairstyle 3rd May
Day 3 Life Hacks Handy Home Decore Ideas 4th May

S. No Event Material Required
1 Sports - Skating Helmet, Skates, Knee Guard, Elbow Guard, Wrist Guard
2 Sports - Swimming Swimming Costume, Goggle, Nose clip
3 Sports - Cricket Cricket Kit (Optional)
4 Skill Development- Art & Craft 1. Pot, Shilpkar (3 Packets), Acrylic Colors;
 2. Clay, Paper Mashi (1 Packet) Cardboard A4 Size sheet
5 Skill Development- Personality Development Pen & 1 Copy
6 Skill Development- Robotics Demo Kit will be provided by the School
7 Writing One copy & Pencil
8 Art & craft Ice cream sticks-10,poster color, Thermacol glass, Origami sheets 1 Packet, Pastel sheets-3
9 Other Lunch box,  water bottle, napkin  


Last Date for Registration 24th April 2017

For Online Registrtion Click Below

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