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What can be learned on the ground, cannot be learned in the classroom.
The essence of education lies in all round development of an individual. With an aim of creating holistic personalities, IES Public School offers multi- sports facilities and specialized coaching for several sports. Believing that sports are tools for physical development of students, our sports curriculum focuses on developing and enhancing skills like strength, speed, endurance, flexibility, balance etc. These activities enable them to challenge their inherent abilities and enhance their stamina, along with instilling in them values of discipline and integrity.

Our Strengths –

  • Training by National/State level experts, coaches and instructors.
  • Array of games offered, like Basketball, Football, Skating, Taekwondo, Cricket, Badminton, Lawn Tennis, Swimming and indoor sports like Chess, Carrom and Table Tennis.
  • Campus dotted with Basketball Court, Football Ground, Skating Ring, Swimming Pool, Cricket Pitch for sports enthusiasts.
  • IESians excelled in several sports and represented at National level.

Visits & Excursions, Picnics

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I will learn.” True for every learner, the concept of experiential learning is the most result- oriented measure for school goers of every grade. Believing firmly in the above adage, IESians are given opportunities to learn through exploration and experiences in the form of Nature tours, Educational Excursions, Visits and Picnics. These short trips serve as moments of relaxation and also add on to their academic orientation. We also aim at instilling life skills among young learners through them.

Art And Craft

Art stimulates creativity and imagination. Our lives are truly enriched by the Understanding and appreciation of the visual arts. When students enter the campus with infinite interests and innate capabilities, we hone their skills by providing diverse platforms. The myriad of activities including drawing, painting, paper craft and clay modeling are conducted by a group of specialized teachers, who focus on sharpening the artistic acumen of students in various art forms.

Music And Dance

With an aim to harness the inherent potential of every child and ensure Holistic development, the school offers special training in music & dance. The school provides infrastructural facility like Wood flooring in dance room and special sound proof room for music lovers. We endeavor to inculcate among them a lifelong appreciation for performing arts and an ability to express themselves through music.

Communication Classes

If you communicate, you can just go by, but if you communicate skillfully, you can work miracles. Good personality is an asset and lends uniqueness to a person. With young students, good communication skill is also a medium which paves way to a more confident, dynamic, independent and well groomed individual. Communication sessions aim at improving all those qualities which help in achieving and presenting them in a better way and enabling them to evolve into poised men and women of finesse.


The Counseling sessions under a qualified and experienced Counselor aim at equipping students with the mechanisms to cope with the environmental stress, complex situations and challenges of adolescence. The qualified Counselor available on all school days helps students of all classes when referred by teachers or parents. Equipping children with life skills is an essential task which is carried out in the form of talks, sessions, Seminars, and Group Discussions to create a strong awareness among the pupils.