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Pre Primary School


IES Pre - School is a place “Where learning is fun’. The curriculum planning; content design and development; regular academic execution, follow up ensure a value based outlook while following a student centric approach. At the age of 2 to 5 years, children are still learning how to communicate hence play way becomes their preferred learning style. Our two decade expertise in education has developed a system which recognizes every young child’s unique intelligence.

The Kindergarten faculties are also trained to help children attain their learning goals with methods appropriate to their learning styles while initiatives like inculcating meditation into the school routine of these young students helps in keeping students relaxed yet attentive. Our endeavors are aimed at providing such an atmosphere at the IES Play School where the students are inspired to excel by maintaining the ideal balance of creativity and flexibility that makes learning joyful for the child.

Pre Primary Society


Educational visits play a pivotal role in Kindergarten curriculum. It not only breaks the monotony of the regular classroom classes but also compliments the overall teaching process. Visits to police station, hospitals or banks make children understand the functioning of the neighbouring work places while visits to the local zoo, park, fish aquarium relax and entertain them. Children become aware about their surrounding, gain confidence to become smart and active.

Pre Primary Celebrations


Our country is known the world over for its festivals and profuse celebrations. We too help our students cherish such moments with heartfelt joy and enthusiasm while imparting knowledge about the diverse culture, traditions, food, attire and languages in India. Various days are also observed like Corn Day, Grandparents’ day etc where children are asked to dress up according to the theme followed by many exciting activities and games.

Sometimes children enjoy a pool splash activity during summer, at other times they fly kites festivals during Uttarayan and play with colours during Holi - all together it makes the calendar year at school one happy, wonderful journey.

IES Play School, Vaishali Nagar