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IES Public School - Where Learning Has Purpose


Welcome to the IES Public School, an offshoot of IES Group, which is committed to provide the best educational experience to young learners, in keeping with the growing challenges and present day demands.

IES Public School which is close to completing a decade in education is emerging as a prolific and promising abode of learning for young learners. The enthusiastic scholars, who enter the portals with staggering steps and vivid dreams, leave the campus with confident strides on attaining their goals. This transformation of IESians is the outcome of multifarious opportunities to explore, experience and actively engage in the process of learning.

Sidney J Harris has said, “The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows”. We work to ensure students are endowed with virtues and qualities to stand out in the crowd, and are groomed into responsible, accountable members of society. IESians are trained to be independent thinkers, judicious decision makers, balanced and compassionate individuals, with a firm belief in our eternal value system.

As I dedicate this hub of learning to every inquisitive mind, I implore parents to orient their vision, energy and ideas, so that we are together able to broaden the horizons of possibilities for our children. Let us motivate our children to imagine, dream by being the strong wind beneath their wing