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The school building, situated in the lush green and clean campus of 50 acres is a sight to behold. Nestled among well manicured garden and tall trees, IES Public School is a learner’s paradise. Dotted with assembly ground, spacious parking area, football grounds, swimming pool, skating rink and academic block, the huge campus is a polythene free zone and is endowed with the tag of Tobacco free campus. Water harvesting system, solar heater and garbage reprocessing plants are the chief attraction of the campus.

Class Rooms

Every child has a unique style and pace of learning which makes it imperative for every school to provide a conducive environment where Learning becomes the most precious and empowering experience. Ensuring every learner his/her own space to learn and grow, the spacious, well ventilated and well illuminated classrooms are equipped with customized furniture, audio facility and individual storage facility/lockers. These classrooms are also under CCTV surveillance which further enhances the safety and security of the students in classrooms.

Digitized learning

IES Public School believes in orienting the students at the global level, keeping them in sync with the latest technological advancements and with technology walking inside the classrooms to blend itself with the curriculum. Smart classes are a boon to the young learners. The digital content mapped with The CBSE curriculum and facilitated by experts from the Industry, present the subject in attractive 2D and 3D modules, enabling the students to grasp the abstract and intricate concepts, thereby making learning an enriching experience.
Smart classes go hand in hand with the contemporary trend of using technology to make teaching –learning an interesting process.

Atal Tinkering Lab

Atal Innovation Mission, is an initiative of the NITI Aayog, Government Of India. ATL lab is a work space where young minds develop innovation skills and learn by shaping their ideas through hands on activities. High School IESians participated in STEM practical training program involving Arduino, Led blinking program, coding and interfacing, coding in hardware, Led coding & interfacing. Their enthusiasm to create new and being involved in these ‘beyond curriculum activities’ in ATL will broaden their horizon by initiating an innovative mindset from a very tender age.

Science Lab

Composite Lab, Physics/Chemistry/Biology

Laboratory instructions is considered essential because it provides training in observation, supplies detailed information and arouses pupils interest. The Science laboratory is an important means of instructions in developing logic, reasoning concepts and cognitive abilities for understanding the world around us.

The spacious, well equipped laboratories offer the inquisitive minds the best amenities to experiment, explore and experience, thereby instilling in them scientific enquiry and analytical skills which are prime requisites to make students future ready.


The school library boasts of modern amenities and facilities with separate range of books for Pre- Primary to Grade XII students. A diverse array of pop-up and 3D books, novels and periodicals, newsletters and journals satiates a learners quest for information. The well ventilated, furnished and well stacked library caters to diverse interest of young learners, thereby inculcating in them, a love for reading and transforming them into avid readers.

Computer Lab

With computer education growing to be an essential part of modern day living, it has become the priority of the school to make students and teachers computer savvy.

The school has 5 Computer labs for the Pre Primary, Primary, Middle & Senior sections with 20 computers each to equip the staff & students. Special courses on animation, graphic designing etc. apart from regular syllabus is imparted. Teachers are given special training in MS Office to bring in more efficiency.


At IES Public School the well being of learners is of great importance to us. We provide direct nursing services to learners and staff members to maximize health and wellness in the school community.

The school infirmary is equipped with the essential facilities for first aid and other provisions to address the health needs of learner in school campus.An on- site trained and qualified nurse is available to manage and assess any health issues that may arise during school hours.


Transport plays a pivotal role in functioning of any school. IES Public School runs over 40 vehicles in Bhopal & Sehore and is managed by a department exclusively dedicated to deal with the concerns of transport. Each vehicle ferrying the students is equipped with GPS, CCTVs and First Aid kits, which ensure safety and security of each student. Female faculties or lady conductors are deputed in the buses which further guarantee individual attention and care to all.

Dining Hall and Canteen

The captivating sight of vibrant and spacious dining hall attracts everybody’s attention .The no junk policy of the school, promotes nutrition and healthy eating patterns among students. The students also get opportunities to be trained in table manners and etiquettes from time to time.

The canteen working under the supervision of school management, offers healthy “delectable delights”.

Seminar Hall and Open Air Auditorium

The school is relentlessly working in the direction of achieving the aim of ensuring holistic development of its students. Stage plays a significant role in the accomplishment of this goal as it not only provides the desired platform but also hones the skills of the students. The school campus proudly boasts of a copious Open Air auditorium with stage with the seating capacity for 1500 people. An air-conditioned Seminar hall equipped with the latest projector, screen, stage and lighting-acoustic systems with the capacity of housing about 500 people is used for special assemblies/ performances and events.